The Safest Way to Tether a Horse

Safety Tie minimizes the risk of injury to your horse as well as to others nearby. Safety Tie is a revolutionary new way to safely tie your horse, anytime, anywhere, even when you are not right there with him. Portable and reusable, Safety Tie is a safety release we believe no horse owner should be without.

What Is Safety Tie?

Horses spook easily, and the risk of injury to your horse, and others, is high. Safety Tie is a revolutionary new way to safely secure your horse, anytime, and anywhere, without complicated knots or, accessories. Portable and reusable, Safety Tie is the most secure way to ensure your horses safety.



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How Safety Tie Works


It takes more than just the right lead rope, horse tie knots or human activated horse safety release to tie up a horse safely. Safety Tie is the answer. 

With horse tie knots, you must constantly watch your horse to ensure he does not panic and injure himself. With Safety-T-tie, the object is for the tie to give way under a certain amount of pressure. 

Even when tying up a horse using Safety Tie, you will still need to find a solid post, wall or other firmly anchored object which will not break away before the horse safety release does. Do not tie your horse or pony to anything that might move. Be sure to test fence posts and other items that may have weakened at the base or could be ripped out of the ground should your horse begin to panic.

Safety Tie is strong and sturdy and equipped with five simple loop settings. Whatever level of resistance you choose, Safety Tie will release when placed under sudden, severe pressure. Tie your horse at back level, short enough so that he cannot become entangled.​

When used to tie your horse to a strong, stable object, Safety Tie minimizes the risk of injury to your horse as well as to yourself and others nearby. 

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About Us

As a team of veterinary nurses and equine muscular therapists based in Australia, we became concerned at the number of preventable injuries to both horses and their owners we saw on an all too regular basis. We designed the only humane horse-tie with the safety and healthy of your horse, and others, in mind.

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